Boby and the Witch Boby´s girlfriend have been abducted by the Witch! Rescue her in this fast paced love story! Features 3 worlds with 18 levels.
Human Brain Escape 4 your are trapped in a Human Brain , Get out of there through puzzles and more use Mouse to Interact
Ather Asylum Ather Asylum is a new point and click adventure created by You went to sleep feeling a bit odd. When you woke up you found yourself in a strange place. Are you s [...]
We Are Friends Mos are unusual kind of tiny monsters. The worst of them is called Gumo. He has build the Puzzle Factory where he put kidnapped poor Mos and he watches how they are struggling to e [...]
Bio Zombie Bruce, un ex soldato, ha scoperto strani esperimenti in un laboratorio segreto. Strane creature, mostri e zombi attendono il nostro eroe. Aiuta Bruce a resistere e a tornare a casa [...]

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